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Going to the Garden
  • Going to the Garden

    Hand carved and hand printed Lino.

    Varied edition of 8, Burnt Sienna & Prussian Blue on Mulberry paper

    Here is a fantasy imagination of a noble girl walking in a Persian miniature inspired garden, picking flowers from the aromatic tree of life and soaking in the magical song of the birds.

    This is handprinted on a beautiful thin handmade Mulberry paper using hand pressure and if it looks familiar. It’s because it has been used on Clovendoe bottles from Saleyards Distillery! If you have one of those bottles, maybe you can add fairy lights inside it and if you don’t have one, I’d recommend you to get your hand on them!

    Lino printed on Mulberry paper.
    Dimensions: 34cm x 34cm printed area
    Limited Varied edition of 8.

    Being hand printed and unique, each print can have variations to the picture.


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