About me

Hi, my name is Niloufar or Nellie. I am a graphic designer & printmaker living at The Caves, Central Queensland, Australia. My works has been showcased in numerous exhibitions.
In my practice I like to create a subtle and calm land enabling the viewer to enter the unknown safely and depart with a positive affirmation as I believe there are more than enough cruelty, unfairness and loneliness in the world.

Incorporating intricate Persian motifs into her works, Nellie practices predominantly in lino printing, creating beautiful visual stories borne from a passion for creativity and the unpredictability of her craft. Aiming to instill a sense of peace and calm, Nellie’s works are the embodiment of tranquility, immediately transporting the viewer to moments of serenity.

With a background in Graphic Design as a qualified designer, Nellie also has the eye for creating works on larger scales for public art and installations which have become a significant part of the region’s artistic landscape. Along with her public works, Nellie has exhibited internationally in Tehran as well as locally, most notably with her solo exhibition at the Rockhampton Art Gallery.



2016 - Cert VI Print Making - Rockhampton JCU

1998 - Bachelor of Graphic Design - Tehran Art University



2020 - Gracemere Scouts building mural- Rockhampton

2020 - Bouldercombe Waste Centre mural

2020 - Keppel Sands Krabtastic mural- Keppel Sands

2020 - Mt Archer State School Mural- Rockhampton

2019 - Kele Park - Mural workshop with kids- Rockhampton

2018 - The Rocks Restaurant Design Collaboration- Yeppoon

2018 - Don Ireland Pool Mural- Emu Park

2018 - Fitzroy Bridge underpass Mural- Rockhampton

2018 - Collection Intervention - Rockhampton Art Gallery



2022 - Too Little, Too Much- Artspace Mackay- SOLO (25th Nov)

2022 - CQ Collective- Rockhampton, Benevolent Living

2021 - Neighbourhood- Rockhampton, Walter Reid Gallery

2020 - Water- Rockhampton, Walter Reid Gallery

2020 - POP Exhibition, Gala Gallery, Rockhampton

2020 - Islamic Art Award, Islamic Museum of Art, Melbourne

2020 - Queensland Regional Art Award, Touring Exhibition

2019 - Off The Wall- Rockhampton, Walter Reid Gallery

2019 - Double Exposure IV - The Kern Arcade

2018 - Singularity- Rockhampton, Walter Reid Gallery

2018 - Rio Tinto Exhibition, Gladstone Regional Gallery

2018 - 10 Livingstone artists- The Mill Gallery Yeppoon

2018 - A Trip to Far Away - Rockhampton Art Gallery- SOLO

2018 - Double Exposure III - The Kern Arcade

2017 - Geologica - Rockhampton, Walter Reid Gallery

2017 - Bayton Award - Rockhampton Art Gallery

2017 - Classic Editions - The Mill Gallery, Yeppoon

2017 - Double Exposure II - The Kern Arcade

2016 - Narrative - Rockhampton, Walter Reid Gallery

2016 - Double Exposure I - The Kern Arcade

2015 - Two Birds, One Stone -Walter Reid Gallery

2014 - Micro/Macro - Rockhampton, Walter Reid Gallery



Various works in private collections national and international.