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Autumn Supper
  • Autumn Supper


    Autumn Supper - Limited Edition
    Original Hand carved and hand printed Lino.

    I carved this lino inspired by a Persian plate design from 10th century to create a 3D installation of Soup serving bowl, ladle and a small bowl for a recent exhibition. The theme was about the "latitude" of where we are living and for me it brough up the memories of "autumn" as my favourite season! You can see the picture of my installation in the pictures.

    This popular print is hand printed on 3 different handmade paper with gold ink. It fits nicely in the standard 5" or 6" frames in the market and makes a great gift.


    Being hand printed and unique, each print can have some small variations to the picture specially on the hand-maede paper.

    Lino cut on handmade paper.
    Dimensions: 11cm x 11cm printed area
    Limited edition of 100.

    Artist statement:

    Living on Latitude 23 where our beautiful Capricornia is in its ever green clothes, sometimes reminds me of places I lived before and experiencing four seasons, including autumn as my favourite season when the leaves start turning orange and red while some fall off with the wind like golden rays of sun, air filled with the noise of bird on the branches of the undressing trees, planning to move to warmer places, thinking when I get home, mum might have prepared a warm soup for our supper.


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