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In our neighbourhood

Capricornia Printmakers 10th Anniversary Exhibition

29 Oct - 7 Nov, Walter Reid Cultural Centre , Rockhampton

Hello all lovely people. I hope all is well for you.

Last night the Annual exhibition of Capricornia Printmakers opened beautifully and it was a special one as it was the 10th Anniversary of this local group of artists who made the dream of having a printmaking group in Rockhampton available through lots of volunteering and hard work.

I got to know this group from their 3rd exhibition in 2014 when I was a stay at home mum and have learned a lot from members who I can call some of them as my friend.

If you have been following my work, you would know that I like to picture a story with a calming and positive feel. This is a deliberate choice I have made as I'd rather every new creation, new existence, new artwork add a weight to the good side of Yin and Yang in the world.

This time, I might have tried a different approach. The theme "neighbourhood" made me think of the sad situation in Afghanistan specially for women as the centre of political ideology and laws. I have created my first "Open Edition" and my first black lino print (Yes, yes, I know how popular black lino prints are but I love colours!)

It pictures an Afghani girl dancing on a thundering cloud before the cloud shed all its tears and drop her into the storm. Since all profits from the sell of this work goes to "Mahboba's Promise", I thought a lot that if the imagery is more decorative even if unrelated to the subject, there would be more likely sells so to enable me actually donate anything more than my time and passion, yet I couldn't sugarcoat the design more.

Let me know if you are interested in my work for donation but you can't go to the exhibition in person.

If you are local, take a time to visit all other amazing and diverse works at Walter Reid Gallery.

Exhibiting artists include:

Nanette Balchin | Michelle Black | Linda Douglas | Angela Heffer | Michele Kershaw | Carmel Knowles | Sarah Larsen | Peta Lloyd | Niloufar Lovegrove | Belinda Mcgrath | Yvonne Moloney-Law | Sally North | Sambuddhananda Saraswati | Marie Seeman | Phillipa Sturgess | Lynn Zelmer


To change the mood, here is a my Autumn Supper in glorious gold ink on variety of handmade papers. Why Autumn Supper? Because I created this for a 3D installation of paper bowl set serving warm soup in colder months of autumn when the leaves are yellow and gold and birds planning to migrate. You can have a look at them in my website here and if you happen to be at the Figtree Markets in Emu Park next Sunday, you can see them in person!

Thank you for reading along.


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