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  • Niloufar Lovegrove

Collection Focus: Capricornia Printmaker

Rockhampton Museum of Art

24 Feb - 25 Aug 2024

Participating members: Nanette Balchin | Michelle Black | Linda Douglas | Mame Du Bois | Clare Ford | Kathryn Kerr | Michele Kershaw | Carmel Knowles | Heather La Bash | Sarah Larsen | Amanda Lawrence | Peta Lloyd | Niloufar Lovegrove | Hanbing Lu | Belinda McGrath | Yvonne Moloney Law | Sally North | Sambuddhananda Saraswati | Phillipa Sturgess | Lynn Zelmer

Collection Focus: Capricornia Printmakers’ opening night was a joyful celebration for all participating members. It has been over a year in the making and everyone has excelled themselves in so many thoughtful, exquisite, beautifully presented works of art. Each member has chosen a work in response to the works in RMOA extensive collection.

Thank you Jonathan McBurnie and Emily Wakeling for your vision and trust to include local artists and thank you Robert Connell for working with us and supporting the development of this diverse exhibition.

My work “Red Uprising", is in response to "Red Meditation" by David Rankin. At my first glance, the white dots distinctly symbolized masses of people, to be specific protesters in Iran uniting for their basic human rights on the brutal ground.

Replacing the white dots with white running horses, dancing girls and clouds all moving forward, is showcasing the consistent bravery and defiance that keep the hope of freedom alight.


After years and months of resistance against the oppressive regime, the resistance has seen people, women and girls, dancing, singing and playing music in public in protest to the dark ideological controlling rules of the regime.


In my work, as a parallel landscape, red and soft, hundreds of clouds of hopeful dreams rise to reside over the people who are dancing their way forward.


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