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Winner Burnie Print Prize

"Glorious Peace" 2023

Gloriouse Peace lino print installation, Winning the 2023 Burnie Print Prize

I am thrilled to announce that my work "Glorious Peace", a 16 panel lino print installation, has been selected as the winner of prestigious Burnie Print Prize by the esteemed judges Milan Milojevic, Ashley Bird, and Annika Romeyn. I really welcome the recognition of my work, as the result of labour of love for quite a few months. And I am very honoured for my work to settle in the permanent collection of Burnie Regional Art Gallery.    

From the Judges

Niloufar Lovegrove’s winning print was the work that most consistently drew us back to it throughout our time in the gallery. Amongst a strong field this striking and exceptionally skilful print captured our attention from afar, and was just as rewarding and intriguing to explore in detail.

Following the cyclical flow of water around the composition, we delighted in the thoughtful and imaginative relationships between personal, cultural and universal motifs.

Artist Statement

The goddess like figure offering rebirth to the land beneath by lining up her extended determination with her pitcher of deed. The prosperous land behind her victorious steps, can see the harmonious people enjoying their glorious life in acceptance of the wise and humble leader.

This 16-panel piece is honouring the uniting will of the brave women and people of Iran in attempt to reach a jubilant living in agreement and peace on a land that is boastful of wealth.

Burnie Arts

You can view the catalogue of shortlisted works at Burnie Arts website:

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