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Too Little, Too Much

Solo at Artspace Mackay, 2023

Lino print Solo exhibition at Artspace Mackay from 26Nov 2022- 12th Feb 2023

Many thanks to:

-Tracy Heathwood, Artspace Mackay director for this opportunity

-Lauren Turton, curator for sharing her knowledge and trust

-Creative Business Champions for their valuable support

-Flying Arts for supporting my project

-And to my family and friends, here and abroad, that their enthusiast in my creations have been priceless.

Read the exhibition preview at artguide Australia magazine

When preparing my application for this exhibition in early 2021, Australia was shocked by the extent of heartbreaking nightmare of bushfire across the country. At the same time, we were warned by climate change scientists that the bushfires will be followed by the different kind of disaster: unprecedented floods. We just witnessed that as well.

The narrative in this exhibition explores natural disasters that  we are facing at current times through the history of ancient Persia.

Thousands of years ago, without our recent scientific achievements, natural disaster was perceived as the result of the rage from the associated god. The king, chosen by gods, as a connection between immortals and mortals, would built temples to offer gifts and prayers during ceremonial gatherings to keep the gods content but often the temperamental gods could send famine, plague or flood just because their weren't in good mood, not for peoples' negligence or sins.

My large installation print is picturing an ideal habitable land protected by an “Equable Goddess” as the pure imagination of a dedicated existence that her responsibilities and actions are in a balanced cyclic motion, in the complete contrast to the moody and careless gods of Medes or Assyrians in ancient Persia.

I hope this visual story can open the conversation around the climate change subject for us in investing time and energy to find creative solutions.

This conversation is so critical that you can hear it in the lines of the protest song “Baraye” (meaning “because of”) during the new movement in my homeland Iran. The lyric is the lines from peoples’ tweets unfolding their reasons to protest in the streets, including reasons related to the mismanagement of environment.

I believe history will record that Persian's protest song, sang the words of climate change concerns next to the "women, life, freedom" slogan.

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