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Recycling Mural & Workshop

Bouldercombe, 2020

the Bouldercombe Waste Centre. This project was supported by Rockhampton Regional Council to educate kids about the importance of recycling and how to tips as well as involving them on a mural on their local waste centre next to mine.

This project was made possible through Rockhampton reginal Council's waste management department to educate and involve school children about "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle", The final result of the mural project with Bouldercombe state school students. 14 students from year one to 6 were involved. Inspired by the Rockhampton recycle and waste management centre presentation, they handed me a pencil drawing. Then it was my part to create a composition of all those drawings to fit nicely along side the wall on the computer before they came on the site proudly, held their chalks, transferred their own drawings and painted them in. They should be very proud of the magnificent job they have done and their hard work on some of the hottest days of term four! What an achievement!

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