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East Street Link Mural

East St, Rockhampton 2023

I am pleased with the completion of a new Mural at East St Link on the way to Rockhampton Museum of Art. Many Thanks To Rockhampton regional Council and Rockhampton Museum of Arts for this opportunity.

Inline with the other murals on the site, I wanted to work with blue, and I though I have already done Rockhampton bulls and barramundi interspersion at Fitzroy underpass, so decided to do a unison of Black and white cockatoos! The shape of the bird is like a pigeon as seen in Persian pottery. The birds have the olive leaf of peace so instead of the dove I translated it to the cockatoo and cultural appropriating to something more Rockhampton.

The circle in the middle is the universe and the earth, the cockatoos being of peace, I have put them in a harmony around the circle. Creating symmetry, I've added in the clouds above, and below the flowers ‘Shah Abbasi’ a flower design that is used in Persian paintings and carpets. The sides are what my son calls ‘shark bites'; you see them framing old Persian books and it adds to the symmetry.

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